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Program na mesiac september
Aj Vaše leto uletelo tak rýchlo? Verím, že Ste si ho stihli užiť a v zápätí sa už tešíte na sfarbené listy, naháňanie šarkanov, nové prvé zážitky bábätiek či prvé kroky do škôlky a školy. Nech už Vás septembrom bude sprevádzať čokoľvek, veríme, že využijete aj stretnutia v našom materskom centre, aby ste sa o ne podelili a obohatili seba i svoje deti o ďalšie. Program máme zostavený a na celý september vypísaný v Semafore, takže hor sa prihlasovať!
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Coffee, Tea & Chat (in English) - Reading books makes you better

Z kategórie: 'Learning english'

Material in PDF - A4 and for mobile devices (kindle, smart phones, ...).

Reading - for someone it is the most beautiful free time in the world. They escape the dreary everyday life and travel into the world of fantasy. For some it is empty timeout without something extra. Many people do not even know when they last had a book in their hands. Some read everywhere. It is an activity that you practice without knowing in everyday life, driving a car (reading road signs), watching TV (news, advertising, translations ...) or even in the kitchen (recipes, food blogs, ...). Reading the book is about a bit more than just reading. A long-term reading activity will bring us much more.

Studies have shown that people who often deal with complex mental tasks in their lives and constantly challenge their brains continue to be mentally fit as they get older. Through regular reading and the continuous intake of new information, the brain is optimally challenged and the memory is trained, so that it is still powerful in old age.Life can be quite challenging and many find it hard to relax after a stressful day at work. Reading can help. People leave their hectic everyday life behind and flee into the world of fantasy, in which they find their way to their own lives and relax.

"Reading educates," they say. And indeed: By regular reading, the vocabulary expands automatically. The more frequently you are confronted with different words, the easier they become. By the way: if you read texts out loud, words are even easier to transfer from passive to active vocabulary.
Reading helps with writing, the University of California has found that reading novels always has an impact on one´s own writing style. Accordingly, the style of the author influence the writing skills of the reader, so that he unconsciously learns to wirte. He looks at narrative techniques and is inspired by the flow of writing.

Many people have difficulty falling asleep. The events of the day are often too busy and switching off is simply not thinkable. In contrast, sleep rituals can help. If you take a book every evening and read a few pages, you will not only mentally calm down, but will give the evening a structure and end the day with a relaxing ritual. Maybe you remember your study times, because every book which I learned something from very quickly started a sleep ritual :) The more monotonous the book, the faster I fell asleep. My favorite bedtime book was economy.

According to a study at the New School for Social Research in New York, reading promotes empathy. By reading, readers learn to empathize with their counterparts, thereby increasing their understanding of the lives of others.
Reading extends the horizon. No matter if you want to escape your own life or if you are just curious and would like to get to know other people and places, reading is probably the cheapest way to travel. Stories provide insight into the lives of others, their thoughts, their work and their habits. You get to know distant places and experience foreign cultures. Readers look outside the box and broaden their horizons.

By diving into the world of fantasy imagination is trained. Unlike in the cinema, it is the readers themselves who create the images for the text. Even with children, it can be seen that regular reading has a positive influence on creativity; their ingenuity and imagination improve. And even in adulthood, creativity pays off, as it is an important prerequisite for successfully dealing with conflicts.
Information and news are often served quickly and shortly. We click through the web hectic, read a status message here, headline there, update Twitter and skim the most important Facebook news. We stumble on catastrophe pictures from the news and look again quickly after the weather. Used to this pace, the reading of a novel at the end of the day seems to slow you down.

Surveys have STATED people who read in public looks to be more intelligent. A book in her hand makes her more attractive and desirable. People give the impression that they are an interesting discussion partner and bring along empathy. Quiet in this hectic world, you can see them with a book on a bench or on the bus, too.
Although it´s sometimes hard to find time to read, most of the time it depends on the book, if you find the time. Look in the library, let yourself be helped and an interesting book will be easier to read than a boring one.

1. What are the reasons, you think, why you should read books?
2. When did you last read a good book?
3. What are you missing to find the time for a good book?
4. Have you already thought about writing a book? If so, what should it be about?
5. Have you read in your childhood and if so, what did you like the most?
6. Do you like reading the reviews before a book selection? Why?


Would you like to discuss with us and work on your English? You´re more than welcome, we´re having regular sessions, more information available under activities for mums (and dads too, of course). Register to the next session in Semafor. I´ll be more than happy to see you!


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