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Program na mesiac september
Aj Vaše leto uletelo tak rýchlo? Verím, že Ste si ho stihli užiť a v zápätí sa už tešíte na sfarbené listy, naháňanie šarkanov, nové prvé zážitky bábätiek či prvé kroky do škôlky a školy. Nech už Vás septembrom bude sprevádzať čokoľvek, veríme, že využijete aj stretnutia v našom materskom centre, aby ste sa o ne podelili a obohatili seba i svoje deti o ďalšie. Program máme zostavený a na celý september vypísaný v Semafore, takže hor sa prihlasovať!

Mother and Child centre Budatko is a non-profit organisation, open to the mums and dads from Petržalka and their children. We are here for everyone, from those who want to spend some quality time in our cosy playroom or our Montessori playroom, to those who wish to attend the cosy courses and lectures that we offer.

One of our most popular courses is the Swiss ball workout aimed at the youngest children aged 6 months onwards. However, it is loved by the older children, of up to 3 years of age as well. At Budatko we also run a language course called Hocus Lotus Baby for children aged 1.5 years and for nursery children there is the Hocus Lotus Nursery Kid course available in the afternoons. We also offer a music workout class in English called Kindermusic . For keen little dancers there is the Dance and stomp your little feet class which includes activities such as dancing, singing and nursery rhymes. Little musicians class focuses on getting children familiar with various musical instruments. The latest additions to our courses are Physical Conditioning for Children and Adults , Baby Massage and a First Aid Course .

To provide the mums with some "me" time away from their children, there are two adult evening courses Crochet and knitting and Decoupage – a paper napkin technique. In the near future, we plan to introduce courses such as Pregnancy exercise, and Birth preparation. We will announce their launch on this website, so watch this space, you may find something interesting for you or your children.

Apart from the courses you can take part in our regular and irregular activities. Our creative and skilful mums help children draw, paint, cut, glue or play with play-doh in the Creative crafts class. Once a month we have a play for all the children. During the summer months, when the Mother and Child centre Budatko is closed (i.e. playgroups and courses), outdoor activities for children and their parents are available – they are our traditional Summer walks. Every year we co-operate with the Union of mother centres on a project called A mile for mum. You could come and meet us in Budatko wearing a mask on the day of our carnival and each year St. Nicolas comes to visit. In spring and autumn we organise a Second hand sale of maternity and baby clothes. The current course and activities list as well as the playroom opening hours are displayed in the calendar.

All activities are run by our members. They are skilful mums that devote almost all of their spare time to Budatko, but they enjoy doing it for all the children. If you would like to become one of our members, then please contact us at info@budatko.sk.

Mother and Child centre Budatko is based in Holíčska 30, Petržalka, and any information is regularly updated on our Facebook page.

Visit or Contact us! We look forward to you.
Your Mother and Child centre Budatko.