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Mother and child center Budatko

MC Budatko is a civic association registered since May 25, 2007 by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic according to Act no. 83/90 Coll. on association of citizens.

The mission of mothers´ centers is to help children by helping theirs parents. Children will be as happy as their parents will be...

We are here for all (future) moms, dads and grandparents with children up to 6 years:
  • who want to spend their free time meaningfully in pleasant spaces. Our playroom with lots of toys and books, with a ballpool and trampoline, is open daily on weekdays.

  • who want to attend different courses, events and lectures to expand their knowledge and skills. We offer exercises with various instruments; dance, musical, creative, language or montessori courses for children. Pregnancy exercise, educational courses and lectures on various topics for adults. You can enjoy plenty of themed events - christmas, carnival or summer water games ...

  • who need advice and talk about their challenges. We organize support groups for breastfeeding and childcarrying, meetings for mothers of newborns, pediatric or psychological counseling...

  • who want to remain active during maternity and parental leave. We are a non-profit organization founded and run by volunteers, we have no employees, so we need every helping hand. Come to us to try volunteering!

  • who want to relax in a pleasant atmosphere, exchange experiences, or just chat :-) Come and meet new people with similar interests and find first friends for your children.

Are you coming to us for the first time? Everything important and practical can be found in the Questions and Answers (FAQ).