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Mother and child center Budatko

MC Budatko is a civic association registered since May 25, 2007 by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic according to Act no. 83/90 Coll. on association of citizens.

We are here for all (future) moms, dads and grandparents with children up to 6 years, not only from Petrzalka:
  • who want to spend their free time meaningfully in pleasant spaces
  • who want to attend different courses, events and lectures to expand their knowledge and skills
  • who want to remain active during maternity and parental leave
  • who need advice and talk about their challenges
  • who want to relax in a pleasant atmosphere, exchange experiences, or just chat :-)
  • who just want to see what it looks like in a family center

Children will be as happy as their parents will be...
"The mission of maternity centers is to help the child by helping his or her parents. It is primarily the environment and behavioral patterns of close people that have a significant impact on the child´s personality, mental and physical health. Maternity centers create a motivating environment:
  • for mutual help and learning to actively solve their own problems
  • for meeting and bringing together people of different backgrounds, education, creed, with different experiences, thus motivating people to be tolerant
  • for education and counseling
  • for personal growth, opening up new opportunities and second chances
  • for shaping and strengthening the civic principle
  • for safe and creative children´s entertainment, getting to know the world around them and building first relationships "