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Frequently asked questions and answers

Do I have to do anything before visiting Budatko?
  • Yes, if you are interested in participating in one of our activities, playroom or courses. You need to register on our website. You can then apply for individual events through our Semafor system.

What is Semafor?
  • Semafor is our login system. It works like a traffic light :), if you have a "green", we are waiting for you at the specified time. If you have an "orange", you have logged in, but we do not have a place for you, you need to observe and check the availability of the activity. If you find that you can´t participate in the activity, sign out as soon as possible to make place for other people.

How do I pay for the activity?
  • Contributions for the playroom and activities are collected in cash on the spot, the courses must be paid in advance. All necessary information will be sent to you by e-mail to the address entered during registration.

Where can I find Budatko?
  • You will find the building among the blocks of flats on Holíčska 30, in the kindergarten building. Above the entrance we have a large board with our name. To the left of the door is a bell, ring briefly, if we are at home, we will open. :)

Is it possible to park a car near Budatko?
  • Yes, we do not have our own parking lot, but during our opening hours you will certainly find a place in the vicinity.

When can I come to Budatko?
  • At any time during the opening hours of the playroom - Monday to Thursday - in the morning 9:30 - 11:30, in the afternoon 16:00 - 18:00.
  • At a specific time of the activity for which you are logged in. Come a few minutes in advance to get ready. Or come earlier if the playroom is open, and you can play before the activity.

What should I take with me to Budatko?
  • Your children and good mood. :) You can bring something small to eat and drink, slippers, or spare clothes ... When you forgot and miss something, we have some supplies for a child that we can provide and borrow. :)

What to do after arriving in Budatko?
  • Upon arrival, use the hand sanitizer located to the left of the entrance.
  • The entrance areas consist of wardrobes (children and adults) and shoe boxes. Here you can undress and put things away. Better keep personal belongings and valuables with you.
  • Be sure to take off your shoes, you can borrow our slippers, but there are carpets throughout Budatko.
  • Strollers, scooters and bicycles can be stored on both sides of the wooden wall under the stairs to the right of the front door. As another company is located on the floor above us, the space in front of the stairs must remain passable.
  • Look for a volunteer, she is wearing a yellow t-shirt with the logo of Budatko. She will take you around the premises, write you down in the attendance list at the playroom or direct you to an event or a course. On your first visit of Budatko will also ask you to fill in a liability form. Most of our volunteers can speak English.

Are there toilets for children in Budatko?
  • In the bathroom we have several potties of different colors and sizes, a children´s toilet and a children´s washbasin. There is also a changing table. Please throw used diapers away into a container in front the entrance to Budatko.

Is it possible to eat in Budatko?
  • If you hungry or thirsty, visit our kitchen. Here you will find highchairs to feed your children, little tables with chairs for children, a microwave to heat baby food, an electric kettle and a coffee maker for coffee or tea (for a little fee). If you need help operating a coffee machine or microwave, do not hesitate to contact our volunteers. Please do not consume anything in other areas of Budatko in order to keep them clean and safe for all visitors.

Where should I put the garbage?
  • At MC Budatko we separate waste, thank you for joining. Trash cans can be found in front of the kitchen.
    Please throw used diapers away into a container in front the entrance to Budatko.

What does it look like in Budatko?
  • We have several rooms in Budatko. At the entrance on the left you will find a relaxation zone - living room. It is intended for nursing mothers. You will also find here various children´s books. The room for creative workshops is located just behind it. Courses and events take place in the gym or atelier - spacious and sunny rooms. Montekutik is a playroom with montessori utilities and toys. And then there is the playroom - a long corridor with big toys, the playroom itself with a ballpool and a trampoline. Some of our activities also take place outside on the partially shaded terrace. Take a look at our photogallery.

How should I behave in Budatko?
  • Like visiting good friends. :) Please familiarize yourself with our rules and respect them.

Who are the volunteers?
  • Volunteers are mothers who work for free in Budatko and who also have their children here. At least one of us always has a service and helps visitors with any questions. Most of our volunteers can speak English.

If you have further questions, feel free to email us at mcbudatko@gmail.com.